Blue Gum & Pine Stump Grinding and Mulching

Years ago in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, hundreds of thousands of hectares of blue gums and pines grew strong and tall in plantations across Western Victoria and South Australia. The reason for this was because of investors who were driven by the incentive of speculative investment schemes. Thus when these schemes collapsed, the once prime agricultural land sustaining these trees now is an unusable mess and is needing to be reclaimed. Therefore we have taken on this challenge with gusto. Our machines transform the land from what was once an unusable mass of pine and blue gum sticks and stumps back to its prime agricultural state once again. This is all achieved by stump grinding, mulching and using soil stabiliser.

Why choose Tobiah for Blue Gum & Pine Stump grinding

The powerful machines that we have in our fleet make quick work of Blue Gum & Pine stump grinding. We then follow this up with a soil stabiliser finishing. As a result, the dramatic differences from our expertise can be seen only three months down the track. For this reason the unusable land is made clear and usable for farming once more. We have a large fleet that makes us really stand our from other Blue Gum & Pine stump grinding services.

When working on your project/operation, we will always conduct of selves in a professional & safety orientated manner when clearing your land of Blue Gum & Pine stumps. Therefore we have taken a lot of pride in our process. Thus we have made our team as efficient as possible, as well as always maintaining our integrity. If you require more information on why you should use a stump grinding service, then please read our stump grinding page. Alternatively you can hire stump grinding machinery for your land clearing purposes, visit our hire page for more information.

View our work and Contact is

We have worked with many great clients and we have some pictures to show you of our work. Take a look through the image galleries below to see how the team at Tobiah can transform your land.

There is no job too big for us, we have the man-power and machine-grunt to meet and exceed every challenge. Tobiah are able to grind over 1 hectare of blue gum or pine stumps per hour. Our work processes are safe, efficient and get the job done with integrity. Call Mick for a free quote today on 0418654730 or contact us via our contact page.