Stump Grinding


When trees are cut down and stumps left behind they make the landscape both unsightly but also unusable.

Why Stump Grind

  1. Stumps take a very long time to rot away – sometimes +10-15 years
  2. Some stumps can reshoot uncontrollably
  3. May attract termites or spread disease wood to other trees

To grind stumps without the right tools and skills, the job can be costly and dangerous to attempt. In the case of big jobs across many hectares, without the right labour it can lead to accidents or lost time in project schedules.

Tobiah Tree Mulching Services have the right machinery, equipment and workers on the ground to effectively, efficiently and safely grind and remove tree stumps. We have the experience and professionality to identify, asses and control workplace hazards and provide safe working systems. You can be assured that we’ll get the job done and done right.

No project will beat our powerful machines, whether it be stump grinding and clearing for a new wind farm or reclaiming pastoral land for farmers. Our staff on the ground are persistent and do the work with integrity.