It is the policy of Tobiah Tree Mulching Services to provide safe working conditions and practices for all team members throughout our operations. Tobiah Tree Mulching Services does this by recognising our legal and ethical responsibility to employees, contractors, clients and visitors to worksites, and implementing appropriate hazard control measures to suit.


Tobiah Tree Mulching Services will:

  • Implement a procedure to identify, assess and control OHS hazards in our workplace.
  • Annually review the system of identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards and report on the effectiveness of the OHS policy.
  • Provide safe systems of work.
  • Provide written procedures and instructions to ensure safe systems of work and a communications procedure by which this information is disseminated.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards.
  • Ensure that employees and contractors are consulted in the process of risk management.
  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and customers to ensure their safety.
  • Implement an injury management policy and generally provide support and assistance to employees.


Each management representative is accountable for implementing this policy in their area of responsibility explained in their position descriptions. This will be measured via their annual performance reviews. Management is responsible for:

  • The provision and maintenance of the workplace in a safe condition.
  • Involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of health, safety and injury management polices and procedures.
  • Training employees in the safe performance of their assigned tasks.
  • The provision of resources to meet the health and safety commitment.


  • Follow all health and safety and injury management policies and procedures.
  • Report all known or observed hazards to their immediate supervisor or manager.


This policy is applicable to Tobiah Tree Mulching Services in all its operations.


The organisation is committed to consultation and cooperation between management and employees. The organisation will consult with employees in any workplace change that will affect the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors and the general public.


Tobiah Tree Mulching Services are committed to pursuing the highest standard of health, safety and environmental performance throughout their operations. It is the policy of the Company to be compliant with all applicable legislative requirements within the areas of business operation; and to conduct all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoid risk to our employees, our neighbour’s, and the environment. We are committed to ensure training and internal controls necessary to achieve our committed goals.

It is Tobiah Tree Mulching Services Management’s goal that no one suffers an injury or illness and that no harm comes to the environment. We are committed to protecting the integrity of the Company’s human, physical and financial resources. In order to achieve these objectives, we shall:

  • Conduct our operations with minimal risk to personnel or the environment
  • Seek continuous improvement and update internal processes to ensure a high level of HSE awareness
  • Consult, listen and respond openly to our clients, employees, neighbour’s, contractors and others who may work with us
  • At a minimum, comply fully with all legislative requirements, and implement stricter standards when those legislative requirements are not sufficient for business requirements
  • Provide suitable and sufficient training for our staff and others such that we have technically competent staff and an active HSE culture
  • Make it known that no activity is of such a high priority that we cannot take the time to do it safely
  • Work with partners, suppliers, competitors, industry groups, and regulators to raise HSE standards within our industry
  • Report our HSE performance openly, via meetings, toolbox, safety talks and meeting notice boards
  • Recognise those within the Company who contribute to improving HSE performance
  • All employees not only have the right, but the obligation to stop work if they believe conditions are unsafe
  • Participate in risk management, loss control, and monitoring processes, both internally and with our clients, to provide the assurance that our HSE Management Systems are functioning correctly and that hazards and risks are assessed and minimised
  • Maintain the confidence of others in the integrity of our operations
  • Expect others who work with Tobiah Tree Mulching Services to maintain the same high level of HSE performance we expect from ourselves and support the Company’s commitment to HSE in all aspects of our business.