Solar Farms provide clean, renewable energy from the sun’s radiation. It’s available every day and harnessing that power has zero impact on the source. Solar energy is extremely reliable, found in abundance all around the globe and it being recognised as the future of alternative energy sources. It helps combat the Greenhouse effect on the global climate that has been created through the use of fossil fuels.

Since around 700BC, humans have been using solar energy on a small scale, using glass lenses to magnify the sun to create fire. Now we are using the sun’s energy¬† on a large scale, through solar farming.

In solar farming is a valuable form of organic farming, minimising environmental impact. Large scale solar farms are ground mounted, as opposed to roof mounted. They operate in the megawatt scale and sell back into the grid. All that is needed for solar farm is a large, flat area of clear land. That is where Tobiah Tree Mulching Services specialises.

If you have land to clear for your future solar farm, Tobiah’s powerful machines make quick work of land clearing and their staff on the ground operate with integrity and honesty. The team at Tobiah can recycle up to 2.5 ha land per day, per machine. Their fast work gets the job done efficiently and economically, and their experience gets the job done safely.

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